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What We Offer

ConquerComputing for schools offers a range of services for both Students and Teachers in the classroom. Teachers can log into their own admin area and manage classrooms, individual students and track recorded activity and progress.

Join ConquerComputing today and manage your class and students effortlessly in areas like Internet Safety, Coding, Graphic Design, Search Engines, Debugging and more!

Teacher Admin

Teachers each have their own login and password. Teachers can use their accounts to manage Students and Classes.

  Student/Class Admin

A number of features are designed to support teachers. These include the facility to create Classes, to add students to them and to edit or delete using the School dashboard.

Also within the Admin section, teachers can see an Overview of the structure with brief descriptions or Projects and Lessons, plus any related Attachments.

  Lesson Plans

Each Lesson contains detailed Plans that recommend timings for work, guides, clear explanations and the ability to make individual notes for Student work.

  Video Guides

Once logged in you can use the introduction tab to view in-depth Video tutorials that show how to use the various features of ConquerComputing as well as what a Student can expect to see once logged as well as navigating the Rainbow Menu.

  Track Progress

For effective monitoring of progress, simple Reports are available, by student or by class, with full detail of topic, date, time spent and scores. The Homepage dashboard will also display a brief summary of some of this information.

Student Area

Students navigate the Rainbow Menu with their unqiue login and can start/stop learning and pick up where they left off at any time.

  Video Tutorials
All Lessons are preceded short teaching video, narrated in an appealing manner, with beautiful explanations to guide children step by step through the topic.

Colourful Worksheets support the concepts learned, providing practice to consolidate understanding and helping children to build up their own projects and understanding.

  Interactive Activities

Around 1,500 online ‘Play’ activities will engage youngsters with instant feedback. These include drag-and-drop coding, word searches, card sorting, binary challenges, multiple choice questions, input/outputs to make words, creating their own projects and understanding of how they work

  Downloadable Assets

Many of the Projects and Lessons have downloadable content such as the Worksheets, Image files, Sound, Scratch files and more, so even when not logged into ConquerComputing children can work on their own Computers to gain better understanding.

How it works

Check out a quick view of Teacher and Student areas below.

Teacher Admin Video.

Student Area Video.

What People Are Saying

“ConquerComputing has been invaluable. It allows me to deliver a consistent approach throughout the school while providing me with a support system.”

Laura Fry, Teacher

“Personally, I have found that Conquer Computing has saved me many hours of preparation over the years I have subscribed to it. For anyone considering subscribing, I am confident in giving a 5 star review and can highly recommend them.”

Roy Grimes, Head Teacher

“Using ConquerComputing has meant that the children are completing more coding than ever before in our school because the staff have the confidence to ‘give it a go’ using the lesson plans and supporting videos; and the children love it! I purchased ConquerComputing to support the teacher’s subject knowledge, and confidence, and I can 100% say that it has!”

Amy Waller, Computing Lead

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