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For Students

Thank you for registering for a trial with ConquerComputing.
To recap, here are some videos to guide you through how it works:

Teacher Admin

A quick overview of the teacher admin system.

Students view

What your student sees when logged in.

Each lesson contains an optional guide to plan out the topic with an approach and timings.


Students can work through learning activities of increasing challenge from Stage 1 to Stage 5. Carefully constructed Projects within every Stage comes with planned lessons and National Curriculum aligned activities.

Each lesson has an introduction video that will guide students through the concepts they will attempt with carefully paced instructions.

Internet Safety: Barrington Bear

This video demonstrates the importance of social media and how your ‘Digital Footprint’ can follow you for many years.

Internet Safety: Stranger Danger

This video is about people online not always being who they say they are.

Lessons are followed by Interactive Activities where students can apply the concepts learnt. The reporting tools allow teachers to record learning gains.

Every lesson contains a worksheet for Students. Short and engaging, they can be downloaded or printed at any time for online or offline study.